Rebecca Jewellery From Italy

Rebecca jewellery is an Italian brand and they have a pretty stunning collection of pieces, ranging from very small delicate items to more sturdy pieces that make a bold statement.

Rebecca Jewellery

They are a unique brand in that each piece they create is very individual and they have a wonderful diverse range of colours in their collection. It is a very special brand and it is at the high end of the jewellery spectrum.

The Rebecca collection was created by the Italian Alessandro Testi and he used a proprietary 18 carat gold plating process combined with semi precious gems and unique quirky designs which have quality written all over them. Each piece has a terrific attention to detail which I believe sets the Rebecca collection apart from its competitors.

Hand made finishes make this jewellery a great joy to behold and I can only say that if you like your jewellery then you really should check out Rebecca jewellery.

This jewellery brand was created just over 10 years ago and since then it has gone from strength to strength. They introduce over 500 new designs every year which is a formidable task to take on but the quality is never other than the very best. They follow the current trends and current fashion to come up with new ideas that is unique to their brand.

Some of the more famous of the Rebecca collection include trilogy, love lock, elizabeth, New York, Sahara and Palm Beach.

There is a jewellers store in Ballymena in Northern Ireland which stock Rebecca jewellery and they are called Kennedys Jewellers and they stock some of the very best pieces of this fabulous brand. In fact they stock a variety of brands which are of the highest quality including Quoins jewellery which is another superb brand.

If you are ever in Ballymena in Northern Ireland I suggest you check out this store as it is a lovely place to visit, they have excellent staff who really help you in your choice of either jewellery or watches, which they also have a good selection of, with brands such as Casio, Raymond Weil, Guess and Police.

A beautiful dress is all well and good but you always need accessories to put the icing on the cake as it were, and so Rebecca jewellery certainly fits the bill. If you want to sparkle the next time you go out on the town why not check out this brand.

Security & Safety Issues For Your Home Or Business

You may want to put security measures in place to protect you home or maybe your business, but sometimes security measures can actually become a safety concern and could potentially backfire on you. For instance putting bars or grills on your windows may make you feel safer in that you can keep any intruders out, but if you have a fire in the house these windows could have been your best escape route if it weren`t for those bars or grills.

It is very important that you don`t block any doors or windows which are a potential escape route in the event of a fire or an explosion in your home or business. So if you do have security bars or screens on your windows please ensure they are fitted with a quick release mechanism from the inside so you can take them off quickly and with the minimum of fuss. It is also important that everyone who uses your home or business knows how to use the quick release devices on your doors, as if you are the only one with this information and you are out when a fire occurs it would become a major problem.

You need to identify at least two escape routes from every room you have, this way if one is blocked by some occurrence you can escape through the other, and it is wise to go through an escape plan with all your family or business colleagues at least twice a year so they all know the plan and how to exit the building as quickly as possible.

Padlocks on doors or windows can be a major problem if you need to get out quickly so they are not always a good idea, I would think twice before having your door or window padlocked.

And when you are arranging the furniture in your home or office building ensure that you are not blocking any of the windows or doors with furniture, for instance do not have a large bookcase up against a window that could be a potential escape route in the event of an emergency. Also never nail or paint your windows shut as this can be a lethal option if you have a fire. There are many different types of windows now that open so you can have easy access into the street if required. Smyth Window Systems do a great variety of windows that could be of great benefit for you both from a security and safety point of view.

Installing new PVC Windows Video

This video below is a great aid to help you install new PVC windows. The guy in the video goes through the whole process of installing them and making a perfect job to boot. He takes you through how to measure the windows beforehand so you have the exact right size and how to take the packers around the side of the new windows out so it is ready to install.

He also shows you how to cut through the old frame without causing any damage to the surrounding area and then he shows you how to use wedges and then fit in the new PVC window and secure it. What is now required is to pump foam into the cavities to fill them up so the windows will be well insulated and keep the warmth inside the house. You then need to wait awhile until the foam has fully set.

From there he shows you how to use spacers to ensure the whole window has a sound and tight structure. He then uses a block of wood and a rubber mallet to knock the slits back in. After this it is a matter of tidying up and doing any filling in, maybe putting some silicone in around the outside, and then you are done!!

The guy in the video makes it all look rather simple and straightforward but there is no doubt that it does take a lot of skill and expertise to do this correctly and make sure you have done a perfect job so it is the right fit and fully insulated. I would say that if you are at all unsure about tackling this type of job by yourself leave it alone and get a professional in to do the job for you. It may be that you are very good with your hands and feel comfortable tackling such a project, in which case go right ahead.

Here is the video for to check out:

For installing windows and doors, if you do not want to do some DIY work yourself then one suggestion would be to find a reputable company to do this for you such as Smyth Window Systems in Portadown, Northern Ireland. They have been installing PVC windows and doors for over 15 years and have an enviable reputation as a first class company. The main thing before you use anyone is to check them out as thoroughly as possible so you know you have made a good choice.

The Greek Government Cave In And Accept Austerity Measures

There has been rioting in Athens in the last day or so as the full consequences of the Greek debt for the Greek people hit home. The referendum was a false dawn as it carried little weight against the power of the bank institutions and the EU powerbrokers, they may have voted No to austerity but the EU has said Yes and unfortunately with the banks on the brink of collapse in Greece they have very little option but to bite the bullet and agree to the austerity measures. The EU are legally entitled, under their regulations, to ask for Greece to start paying back their debt.

Pulling out of the European Union was a possibility but it carried with it grave dangers for the Greek government and its people. How would the country have coped with no bail out money from the EU? Would many of their banks have gone to the wall, and with it millions of peoples savings, pensions, hopes and dreams? In the end they weighed up the pro`s and con`s and realised that it was probably better the devil they know.

Now the austerity measures will hit the Greeks hard and it is this realisation, together with the fact that all the posturing by their Prime Minister and Finance Minister has come to absolutely nothing, that has led to the scenes of rioting and anger on the streets of Athens. They will be angry both with their own government both past and present for failing them and getting into such a mess with a deficit that is quite impossible to pay back, and angry with the EU for the way they are now going to be treated.

They are now going to be in a period of austerity for years, even decades, which is going to be a salutary lesson for the Greek government and a painful time for the average man in the street. But it was ever thus that the ordinary man pays for the mistakes of its leaders.

Meanwhile the European Union, Merkel et al, will be feeling pretty pleased with themselves that they have kept all the EU intact and they have stood firm and reminded all the member countries that they have to play ball and cannot run up a deficit without paying a heavy price for it and being brought back into line with a bump. They have got back their authority and ensured the Greeks agreed to all their measures and that is a win-win situation for the EU.

How To Dress For Success

Isn’t it true that you want to impress your clients, win contracts that are great for your company and “breathe” professionalism throughout your whole person? To achieve these objectives it’s not enough to only be as competent and
informed as possible , you also have to win your credibility and to impose yourself through a proper wardrobe – which by the way has different rules, depending on the work area. And don`t forget accessories are hugely important, so if you are going to wear jewellery make sure they are of the elegant and classy variety.
Working in a corporation
If you are working in a law company, a bank or a consultancy, the best is to pick classic and stiff clothes, two pieces suits with pants or skirts, which would have to come in neutral colors such as black, grey, military green or different shades of brown.
Working in a more casual or modern environment
Are you working in publicity, journalism at a newspaper, radio or television? Then you probably want to have an outfit as distinctive as possible so, although you are not the centre of attention you are not easy to ignore! It is always important to remember that you have to wear decent clothes, adapted to the requirements of your profession. The so called
“casual – elegant” style is the best choice in your case. You can wear maybe jeans, a blouse or a
coat as long as they are a little formal and the colors bright but not too bright. Also a watch is always a good item to have in these sort of professions.
Working in service industry
If you are working in a hospital, restaurant or beauty salon, your image has to be the image of a friendly person on which you can rely on at all times. If you like wearing a suit pick happy pale colors or even red can be worn in this case. Also, you can wear sweaters, shirts and blouses with funny drawings or designs on them.
No matter what your working place is, sometimes you might find yourself holding in your hand an invitation to a rather select and pretentious event, and on that invitation you can read the
words black tie. Don’t know what that means? Actually it is all about a dressing “code” which in our present day is not as strict and rigorous as in the past centuries. This means less rules but because of this the borders between formal and casual are very subtle and there can appear confusions. Here are the most important three styles included in this code when it comes to party invitations:
This term says basically that we cannot wear jeans. The formal code applies to events like cocktails or parties, and we will dress accordingly. Black makes an excellent choice when faced with this situation. For men, tie is a must, even if they don’t like wearing it!!
Black tie
Any evening dress and assorted purse for women and for men dark suits with ties assorted.
In this situation, you can wear something less conventional, pretty much anything goes!
Of course a suit is ideal both for men and women, regardless of the moment of the day. Jeans are to be worn only if they are simple, without any “fashionable” add-ons. Men can wear the pants from a suit and a coloured shirt.

Is There Any Answer To The Chaos In Calais?

As immigrants take advantage of the strike by French workers and try to board any vehicle possible to get over to the UK, the French say they are angry at the lack of assistance given by the UK to this issue and David Cameron calls the situation totally unacceptable, you have to wonder if there is any viable solution to this ongoing chaos. I do think there are certain measures which could be put into place to relieve the pressure on places such as Calais and improve matters but a long term solution seems a long way away.

Whilst there are so many countries from Africa to the Middle East that are in such a shocking state and where there are so many citizens from these countries either starving or in grave danger of violence or being killed, the pull of Europe and some sort of normal life will be there, and who can blame them? Everything should be done for families who are in danger in some way or another but we must be more proactive in sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

Illegal immigrants are called such a name for a reason, they are here in the UK illegally and unless they have a legal right to be here they should be deported. There should be more checks but before we even get to that situation we need to strengthen our borders. The French are decrying our lack of effort to improve our security so if they are saying we need to take action then we surely do need to get a grip on this issue. Money spent now strengthening our security and checking points will save us a great deal of money further down the line.

UKIP leader Nick Farage has said that “The UK has become the number one destination of choice due to the size of our employment black market and the failure to deport 75 per cent of caught illegal immigrants.” and whilst I do not like to agree with him I fear he does have a point on this matter. Our legal services are at breaking point with regards to the immigration issue and there is so much of a backlog that it would take months and years now to sort out all the people so far claiming for asylum or a temporary visa. Again more staff is an absolute essential course of action if we are going to tackle this issue.

Another point is that if these people trying to board lorries and vans to get through the Channel Tunnel into the UK are illegal immigrants then why are the French not checking all their paperwork and if they are found to be in France illegally why are they not deporting them? It has been reported that there has been some shocking behavior from many of the immigrants trying to board vehicles to get into the UK and why I do not like to generalise it is putting all these people in a bad light and is not doing anything for their cause. Lets hope things improve in the next few days but this is certainly an issue that is not going to go away any time soon.

Call For Judicial Review Over NHS Patient Safety Policies

Patient safety charity Action Against Medical Accidents has called for legal action against Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and other ministers involved in the `watering down` of patient safety regulations in the NHS. The government have brought in a new `duty of candour` in a supposed attempt to improve safety after the mid Staffs scandal, but they seem to have brought in 2 tier approach to this.

This `duty of candour` will give less rights to patients who have not been in hospital, such as patients who have come from care homes or directed by GP`s there etc. This will mean that private care homes or GP`s will not have to disclose any worrying lapses of safety that may be harmful in the future, even though the hospitals will have to disclose such issues if they happen under their watch.

The charity Action Against Medical Accidents believes that this lesser duty of candour to private care providers is an unlawful move by the Health Secretary, after they had previously lauded the move for a duty of candour when it was first proposed, and they will look to challenge this new watered down ruling in the High Court unless Hunt backs down and ensures that it covers all care providers in equal measure.

It is likely that the Department of Health will back down rather than risk being challenged in the High Court over this matter. They have already indicated that the new proposed duty of candour is under review at this moment in time and that they will seek the views of other parties and if required make changes, as they say they want to make the NHS the safest healthcare system in the world.

The duty of candour was first recommended by Robert Francis QC back in 2013, in his report on the appalling level of care provided at Stafford Hospital which resulted in many people suffering and some losing their lives due to failures in duty of care.

Legal action against the government over an issue in the NHS so soon after the election would not be an ideal scenario for them, after promising to make great improvements in this sector over the next 5 years. But it is good that we have charities such as Action Against Medical Accidents who can put pressure on the government of the day to ensure they always have the patients safety as a first priority. It would certainly be an embarrassment for them if they were taken to court and defeated on such a sensitive subject that is close to the electorates heart.

Different Types Of Glass For Your Windows

If you are looking at getting some new windows for your home, or you may need some for your offices, then bear in mind that there are a few different types of glass that you can choose from, depending on your circumstances and your disposition. Let`s take a look at a few of these.

Float glass, or OptiFloat glass as it is sometimes known, is the regular type of glass in most of the windows you see around you. It is used as the outer pane of glass in thermally efficient double glazed windows. The inner pane can often be a low E type of glass. If you use OptiFloat glass that is over 6mm in thickness it can be very useful if you need a strong glass that will prove very tough and durable, and can also be used in greater spans, it has reduced deflection, high daylight transmission and can reduce noise from the outside. If you want an even tougher glass you can laminate it which will give you more safety and security.

As well as clear OptiFloat glass you can also get it in opal, which gives you the diffused natural light of a translucent glass. There is also tinted OptiFloat glass which will give you a tint effect and can be very attractive as well as reducing the glare through a window. Another one is OptiFloat satin which gives you just as much light as clear glass but also diffuses the light and gives you a little extra privacy.

Another type of glass is Low Iron glass. This is a specially developed float glass which gives you a neutral clear appearance, high light transmission if you compare it with your normal float glass, and it is useful for commercial applications if you need an improved performance.

Low E, Hard Coat Glass is an on-line coated low E glass which is very popular and can be supplied as toughened or laminated glass. Low E glass has a microscopically thin transparent coating, and this thin coating creates a really strong bond which is very durable during fabrication.

Low E, Soft Coat Glass is an off-line coated low E glass which actually gives a superior performance than the Hard Coat glass. It has good thermal insulation and high light transmission. It does require some careful handling during the manufacturing process but these Low E sealed units can provide the lowest `U` values available.

I hope this has given you some interesting information various glasses available and it will help you make a more informed choice.

Smyth Window Systems

Judge Says Allowances Should Be Made For Immigrants Who Discipline Their Children

In a concerning development a UK judge has come out with the proposterous suggestion that immigrants who beat and slap their children should be given special treatment and that their cultural context should be taken into account. There are so many issues with this suggestion that it is hard to know where to start but let`s give it a go!!

Firstly it is just wrong to beat or harm a child in any way, shape or form and this is thankfully now enshrined in our laws, so why we would suddenly want to give allowances for the cultural context of the offence I have no idea. If a person lives or visits these shores they need to be aware of and abide by our laws and if they do not they should suffer the consequences.

You can`t pick out one group for preferential treatment in this way as it opens up a whole can of worms. For instance any UK citizen who has had a particularly bad upbringing and/or they are from a poor background could argue that their particular cultural context has led to them beating their child. Where would it end?

Mrs Justice Pauffley recommended this move whilst sitting in the High Court, indicating that the police and social services should `go easy` on certain immigrant groups. In a ruling over an Indian man who it was said beat both his wife and his son she said that “proper allowance must be made for what is, almost certainly, a different cultural context”, and that the boy “did not appear to have suffered more than sadness and transient pain from what was done to him”.

Unfortunately this ruling will most certainly be seized upon by certain political groups such as the BNP and UKIP who will make great play of the special treatment being meted out to immigrants and this can cause great harm to public relations and friction in our communities.

Last but certainly not least this may give certain people carte blanche to beat and discipline their children, an action which is totally abhorrent to the vast majority of the people in the UK and which should not only be discouraged but legal action should be brought to bear against such people. Children should never be slapped or beaten and there can be no excuses whatsoever, no matter where you are from or what background you have. If you think a child is being mistreated get legal advice over whether to report or press charges over the issue.

Ireland Paid £3.25 Million By FIFA To Avoid Legal Action

It has been uncovered that FIFA paid Ireland a total of $5 million, which equates to approximately £3.25 million, so that they would not start legal proceedings after they were controversially knocked out of the World Cup play offs by France back in 2009.

in extra time in the game against France striker Thierry Henry deliberately brought the ball under control with his hand and crossed the ball for William Gallas who scored the decisive goal. The handball seemed so obvious at the time that there was outrage that none of the officials did not see it, or at least if they did see it they did nothing about it.

To avoid Ireland bringing legal action FIFA decided to give the FA of Ireland a `loan` to go towards the construction of a stadium in Ireland. They have claimed that this $5 million would have been paid back if Ireland had reached the 2014 World Cup Finals but they did not.

In a statement FIFA said: “In January 2010 FIFA entered into an agreement with FAI in order to put an end to any claims against FIFA,” it said in a statement.

“FIFA granted FAI a loan of $5 million for the construction of a stadium in Ireland. At the same time, UEFA also granted the FAI funds for the same stadium.

“The terms agreed between FIFA and the FAI were that the loan would be reimbursed if Ireland qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Ireland did not so qualify.

“Because of this, and in view of the FAI’s financial situation, FIFA decided to write off the loan as per 31 December 2014.”

The Chief Executive of the FAI at the time, John Delaney, was heavily critical of the way Sepp Blatter handled the incident as he acted in a very disrespectful manner and he seemed to be having a laugh on stage at one point at Ireland`s expense. He said that he had a very heated meeting with Blatter in the aftermath of this incident and it was then that FIFA came to an agreement with Ireland to make a payment to the Association. Delaney believed it was a very good agreeent for Ireland and felt that it was a legitimate payment to them after the upset they had been through.

For more information on this story you can go to the Reuters UK website by clicking on the following link: FIFA Paid FA Ireland $5 Million To Avoid Legal Proceedings