The Greek Government Cave In And Accept Austerity Measures

There has been rioting in Athens in the last day or so as the full consequences of the Greek debt for the Greek people hit home. The referendum was a false dawn as it carried little weight against the power of the bank institutions and the EU powerbrokers, they may have voted No to austerity but the EU has said Yes and unfortunately with the banks on the brink of collapse in Greece they have very little option but to bite the bullet and agree to the austerity measures. The EU are legally entitled, under their regulations, to ask for Greece to start paying back their debt.

Pulling out of the European Union was a possibility but it carried with it grave dangers for the Greek government and its people. How would the country have coped with no bail out money from the EU? Would many of their banks have gone to the wall, and with it millions of peoples savings, pensions, hopes and dreams? In the end they weighed up the pro`s and con`s and realised that it was probably better the devil they know.

Now the austerity measures will hit the Greeks hard and it is this realisation, together with the fact that all the posturing by their Prime Minister and Finance Minister has come to absolutely nothing, that has led to the scenes of rioting and anger on the streets of Athens. They will be angry both with their own government both past and present for failing them and getting into such a mess with a deficit that is quite impossible to pay back, and angry with the EU for the way they are now going to be treated.

They are now going to be in a period of austerity for years, even decades, which is going to be a salutary lesson for the Greek government and a painful time for the average man in the street. But it was ever thus that the ordinary man pays for the mistakes of its leaders.

Meanwhile the European Union, Merkel et al, will be feeling pretty pleased with themselves that they have kept all the EU intact and they have stood firm and reminded all the member countries that they have to play ball and cannot run up a deficit without paying a heavy price for it and being brought back into line with a bump. They have got back their authority and ensured the Greeks agreed to all their measures and that is a win-win situation for the EU.


How To Dress For Success

Isn’t it true that you want to impress your clients, win contracts that are great for your company and “breathe” professionalism throughout your whole person? To achieve these objectives it’s not enough to only be as competent and
informed as possible , you also have to win your credibility and to impose yourself through a proper wardrobe – which by the way has different rules, depending on the work area. And don`t forget accessories are hugely important, so if you are going to wear jewellery make sure they are of the elegant and classy variety.
Working in a corporation
If you are working in a law company, a bank or a consultancy, the best is to pick classic and stiff clothes, two pieces suits with pants or skirts, which would have to come in neutral colors such as black, grey, military green or different shades of brown.
Working in a more casual or modern environment
Are you working in publicity, journalism at a newspaper, radio or television? Then you probably want to have an outfit as distinctive as possible so, although you are not the centre of attention you are not easy to ignore! It is always important to remember that you have to wear decent clothes, adapted to the requirements of your profession. The so called
“casual – elegant” style is the best choice in your case. You can wear maybe jeans, a blouse or a
coat as long as they are a little formal and the colors bright but not too bright. Also a watch is always a good item to have in these sort of professions.
Working in service industry
If you are working in a hospital, restaurant or beauty salon, your image has to be the image of a friendly person on which you can rely on at all times. If you like wearing a suit pick happy pale colors or even red can be worn in this case. Also, you can wear sweaters, shirts and blouses with funny drawings or designs on them.
No matter what your working place is, sometimes you might find yourself holding in your hand an invitation to a rather select and pretentious event, and on that invitation you can read the
words black tie. Don’t know what that means? Actually it is all about a dressing “code” which in our present day is not as strict and rigorous as in the past centuries. This means less rules but because of this the borders between formal and casual are very subtle and there can appear confusions. Here are the most important three styles included in this code when it comes to party invitations:
This term says basically that we cannot wear jeans. The formal code applies to events like cocktails or parties, and we will dress accordingly. Black makes an excellent choice when faced with this situation. For men, tie is a must, even if they don’t like wearing it!!
Black tie
Any evening dress and assorted purse for women and for men dark suits with ties assorted.
In this situation, you can wear something less conventional, pretty much anything goes!
Of course a suit is ideal both for men and women, regardless of the moment of the day. Jeans are to be worn only if they are simple, without any “fashionable” add-ons. Men can wear the pants from a suit and a coloured shirt.