Security & Safety Issues For Your Home Or Business

You may want to put security measures in place to protect you home or maybe your business, but sometimes security measures can actually become a safety concern and could potentially backfire on you. For instance putting bars or grills on your windows may make you feel safer in that you can keep any intruders out, but if you have a fire in the house these windows could have been your best escape route if it weren`t for those bars or grills.

It is very important that you don`t block any doors or windows which are a potential escape route in the event of a fire or an explosion in your home or business. So if you do have security bars or screens on your windows please ensure they are fitted with a quick release mechanism from the inside so you can take them off quickly and with the minimum of fuss. It is also important that everyone who uses your home or business knows how to use the quick release devices on your doors, as if you are the only one with this information and you are out when a fire occurs it would become a major problem.

You need to identify at least two escape routes from every room you have, this way if one is blocked by some occurrence you can escape through the other, and it is wise to go through an escape plan with all your family or business colleagues at least twice a year so they all know the plan and how to exit the building as quickly as possible.

Padlocks on doors or windows can be a major problem if you need to get out quickly so they are not always a good idea, I would think twice before having your door or window padlocked.

And when you are arranging the furniture in your home or office building ensure that you are not blocking any of the windows or doors with furniture, for instance do not have a large bookcase up against a window that could be a potential escape route in the event of an emergency. Also never nail or paint your windows shut as this can be a lethal option if you have a fire. There are many different types of windows now that open so you can have easy access into the street if required. Smyth Window Systems do a great variety of windows that could be of great benefit for you both from a security and safety point of view.


Installing new PVC Windows Video

This video below is a great aid to help you install new PVC windows. The guy in the video goes through the whole process of installing them and making a perfect job to boot. He takes you through how to measure the windows beforehand so you have the exact right size and how to take the packers around the side of the new windows out so it is ready to install.

He also shows you how to cut through the old frame without causing any damage to the surrounding area and then he shows you how to use wedges and then fit in the new PVC window and secure it. What is now required is to pump foam into the cavities to fill them up so the windows will be well insulated and keep the warmth inside the house. You then need to wait awhile until the foam has fully set.

From there he shows you how to use spacers to ensure the whole window has a sound and tight structure. He then uses a block of wood and a rubber mallet to knock the slits back in. After this it is a matter of tidying up and doing any filling in, maybe putting some silicone in around the outside, and then you are done!!

The guy in the video makes it all look rather simple and straightforward but there is no doubt that it does take a lot of skill and expertise to do this correctly and make sure you have done a perfect job so it is the right fit and fully insulated. I would say that if you are at all unsure about tackling this type of job by yourself leave it alone and get a professional in to do the job for you. It may be that you are very good with your hands and feel comfortable tackling such a project, in which case go right ahead.

Here is the video for to check out:

For installing windows and doors, if you do not want to do some DIY work yourself then one suggestion would be to find a reputable company to do this for you such as Smyth Window Systems in Portadown, Northern Ireland. They have been installing PVC windows and doors for over 15 years and have an enviable reputation as a first class company. The main thing before you use anyone is to check them out as thoroughly as possible so you know you have made a good choice.