Jewellery Maketh The Woman But Not The Man

Granted this is not an objective viewpoint but we are a broad church and there is room for all here. I will probably get accused of being old school and stuck in the dark ages but I believe that jewellery looks great on a woman but rather naff on a man at best. With women a piece of jewellery can enhance their outfit or their particular look. A beautiful necklace or bracelet, some fabulous looking rings, a stunning brooch, some gorgeous looking earrings, or some other type of body jewellery.

With men it just makes them look either far too flash or just plain ridiculous. Some of the worst cases can be some gaudy pendant, some great big blingy rings or ear and nose piercings. They might as well have numpty written large across their forehead!

Women wear jewellery in the main to look stylish and classy, they take great pride in finding the right jewellery for the particular outfit they will be wearing and they ensure it all matches so they look the part (I know I am generalising here to the nth degree but bear with me!). And they know they can fair turn a mans head if they get it just right which many of them invariably do.

Some men think they are wearing jewellery to look stylish but little do they know that no-one apart from the seriously deluded (and I accept that there are more of the seriously deluded around than is good for the rest of us) think that they look at all dapper.

Now there is also the case of body jewellery such as nose studs, lip studs, nipple piercing, eyebrow piercing and tongue piercing. Again some women can carry off some of these types of jewellery and they can even look rather fabulous in some instances, but men in the main tend to look like demented thugs.

So in summary if you are a man and you think you can impress the girls (or maybe the guys) by wearing some bling then you may just like to think again. Instead I would try to find a stylish shirt to wear or get yourself a new haircut, or maybe a natty pair of shoes or loafers as they are much more likely to do the trick. Be a real man and wear good, stylish clothes and leave the bling to some other poor deluded fool.


Jewellery Can Be Worn Just About Everywhere!

Jewellery is a huge part of many peoples individuality nowadays and many go hand in hand with the tattoos they have emblazoned across parts of their body. Jewellery can be worn on the ears and wrists and fingers as is tradition but now the options are endless with jewellery available for noses, lips, nipples, toes, genitals and anywhere else you can think of.

There is a very good article on jewellery which describes all the types of jewellery along with all the different types of material that can be used to make it.

On the material available it says “There are many types of materials that jewellery can be made out of, from gold and gold plated to silver, surgical steel, acrylic, glass, bioplast, titanium, silicone and also natural materials like wood, bone, tooth, coral, fossils and gemstones. Natural materials can in fact give you some very unique, distinctive and quirky pieces of jewellery and are well worth checking out.”

To read the full article you can check it out here at the following link: A Guide To Jewellery