Is There Any Answer To The Chaos In Calais?

As immigrants take advantage of the strike by French workers and try to board any vehicle possible to get over to the UK, the French say they are angry at the lack of assistance given by the UK to this issue and David Cameron calls the situation totally unacceptable, you have to wonder if there is any viable solution to this ongoing chaos. I do think there are certain measures which could be put into place to relieve the pressure on places such as Calais and improve matters but a long term solution seems a long way away.

Whilst there are so many countries from Africa to the Middle East that are in such a shocking state and where there are so many citizens from these countries either starving or in grave danger of violence or being killed, the pull of Europe and some sort of normal life will be there, and who can blame them? Everything should be done for families who are in danger in some way or another but we must be more proactive in sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

Illegal immigrants are called such a name for a reason, they are here in the UK illegally and unless they have a legal right to be here they should be deported. There should be more checks but before we even get to that situation we need to strengthen our borders. The French are decrying our lack of effort to improve our security so if they are saying we need to take action then we surely do need to get a grip on this issue. Money spent now strengthening our security and checking points will save us a great deal of money further down the line.

UKIP leader Nick Farage has said that “The UK has become the number one destination of choice due to the size of our employment black market and the failure to deport 75 per cent of caught illegal immigrants.” and whilst I do not like to agree with him I fear he does have a point on this matter. Our legal services are at breaking point with regards to the immigration issue and there is so much of a backlog that it would take months and years now to sort out all the people so far claiming for asylum or a temporary visa. Again more staff is an absolute essential course of action if we are going to tackle this issue.

Another point is that if these people trying to board lorries and vans to get through the Channel Tunnel into the UK are illegal immigrants then why are the French not checking all their paperwork and if they are found to be in France illegally why are they not deporting them? It has been reported that there has been some shocking behavior from many of the immigrants trying to board vehicles to get into the UK and why I do not like to generalise it is putting all these people in a bad light and is not doing anything for their cause. Lets hope things improve in the next few days but this is certainly an issue that is not going to go away any time soon.