The Conservatives Are Hell Bent On Scrapping The Disability Living Allowance

David Cameron is going to scrap the Disability Living Allowance in society and it seems nothing is going to stop him. The Disability Living Allowance is a godsend to many disabled people as it allows them to live their life on their terms and it gives them an independence that it would be impossible to have otherwise. Unfortunately it seems the Conservatives are looking to save money by targeting the most vulnerable people in society such as the disabled, the homeless and the unemployed.

The Disability Living Allowance means that disabled people can get out and about and can join in with the community and contribute to society as well. They can get carers when they need them who will help them with the things that it is impossible to do on their own. It means they can have a life worth living, whereas without this allowance many disabled people will have long hours on their own stuck in their accommodation and many will also have to go into residential care and completely lose their independence.

In defence of this the government say that the disabled who obtain this allowance will be able to apply for financial and other help from their local council, but the problem with this is that the funds are not ring fenced so that many councils will either give limited help or no help at all as they are under pressure to make cuts in all sectors as their budgets have been drastically cut over the last few years.

What the disabled who previously have had an indefinite award for Disability Living Allowance will have to apply for after October of this year is Personal Independence Payments. The Department of Work and Pensions will be inviting them to make a claim but it is likely that many may not respond and be very fearful of what the future holds for them. It is hoped they get the legal advice they require.

This change in circumstances for the disabled will have a huge impact on their quality of life and they will be unable to have the full and active life they once had which is a very cruel blow to many of these people.

In summary this scrapping of the allowance is a move that will cause consternation for many disabled people and we must just hope that the DWP and councils are generous with helping them out in the future but it is difficult to be too positive at this moment in time.

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