Rebecca Jewellery From Italy

Rebecca jewellery is an Italian brand and they have a pretty stunning collection of pieces, ranging from very small delicate items to more sturdy pieces that make a bold statement.

Rebecca Jewellery

They are a unique brand in that each piece they create is very individual and they have a wonderful diverse range of colours in their collection. It is a very special brand and it is at the high end of the jewellery spectrum.

The Rebecca collection was created by the Italian Alessandro Testi and he used a proprietary 18 carat gold plating process combined with semi precious gems and unique quirky designs which have quality written all over them. Each piece has a terrific attention to detail which I believe sets the Rebecca collection apart from its competitors.

Hand made finishes make this jewellery a great joy to behold and I can only say that if you like your jewellery then you really should check out Rebecca jewellery.

This jewellery brand was created just over 10 years ago and since then it has gone from strength to strength. They introduce over 500 new designs every year which is a formidable task to take on but the quality is never other than the very best. They follow the current trends and current fashion to come up with new ideas that is unique to their brand.

Some of the more famous of the Rebecca collection include trilogy, love lock, elizabeth, New York, Sahara and Palm Beach.

There is a jewellers store in Ballymena in Northern Ireland which stock Rebecca jewellery and they are called Kennedys Jewellers and they stock some of the very best pieces of this fabulous brand. In fact they stock a variety of brands which are of the highest quality including Quoins jewellery which is another superb brand.

If you are ever in Ballymena in Northern Ireland I suggest you check out this store as it is a lovely place to visit, they have excellent staff who really help you in your choice of either jewellery or watches, which they also have a good selection of, with brands such as Casio, Raymond Weil, Guess and Police.

A beautiful dress is all well and good but you always need accessories to put the icing on the cake as it were, and so Rebecca jewellery certainly fits the bill. If you want to sparkle the next time you go out on the town why not check out this brand.