10 Relaxation Techniques To Energise You

In todays high octane world you can sometimes forget about what are the real essential ingredients to a happy and fulfilling life as you lose yourself in work, looking after the kids, sorting out your home etc. One person you really have to start looking after, as well as the rest of your family, is yourself. Being healthy both mentally as well as physically is so important and you will find you will function so much better when you look after the inner you.
One of the best ways to get your mojo back is to try a few relaxation techniques. If you manage your time well you can put a little part of your day aside each day to relax and look after yourself, do this and you will be amazed at how much productive you will be with the rest of your time during the day.
Here are 10 different but equally useful ways to relax:
1. Meditation: meditation is a wonderful method of relaxation to get rid of all of lifes stresses and strains. The main tenet of meditation is to concentrate on your breathing, breathe deeply in and out and feel the air moving in and out of your body. I would try to meditate for at least 10 minutes up to half an hour at a time if possible.
2. Progressive Relaxation: this is a technique where you tense up a certain part of your body and then relax it and then move onto another part of your body. You could start with your neck, tense the muscles up and then relax and feel the muscles loosen and then go to your shoulder muscles and so on. This can be very effective.
3. Drink Green Tea: green tea is both relaxing and high in antioxidants and you can derive great benefits from a couple of cups of green tea each day. Sit down, concentrate on sipping your tea and let the world pass you by for a few minutes.
4. Creative Visualisation: this is great!! Close your eyes, relax, and visualise yourself having a great time, doing something you always wanted to do, maybe being praised for something you have done really well. Work really hard at picturing yourself in a positive situation so you can virtually ouch the images you are conjuring up in your mind. You will feel a million dollars after a few minutes of creative visualisation. Try to do this at least once a day.
5. Yoga: yoga is something that can be enjoyed whether as a beginner or an experienced exponent. Good fun to learn, and it gives you a great feeling of well-being.
6. Running: if you are fit enough to go for a run it can give you a real buzz as those endorphins are released into your bloodstream. Always run within your limits, enjoy the feeling of freedom when running and blow away the cobwebs of your working day.
7. Dance: dancing is one of THE best ways to relax and to learn to let yourself go. The exercise makes you feel good, and it is a great way to tone up your body, and listening to music you love is also good for the soul. Dance at a club or dance in your house, whichever just dance!!
8. Aromatherapy: this is very therapeutic, soothing oils such as lavender and tea tree oil can have great calming effects upon your body and mind.
9. Dog Walking: walking your dog can be such a relaxing activity, just watching your dog enjoying itself can be one of lifes great pleasures. Also stroking a dog is very relaxing.
10. Laughing: having a good old laugh releases endorphins into your brain and can boost your immune system. Let yourself go once in a while, get with people you like and love and have a laugh.
I hope you can practice at least 2 or 3 of the above each and every day and I promise you that if you do you will feel 10 times more healthier, sharper, and energetic. Enjoy!!


How Important Are Energy Efficient Windows In your Home?

With energy bills at record levels across the UK it is so important that you do everything you can to be more energy efficient in your home and one area you can make improvements on is to have energy efficient windows.
There are various ways that you can stop heat from escaping from your home, and these include double or triple glazed windows, secondary glazing, or you could try more dense, heavy or longer curtains.
And it is not just a reduction in your energy bills that you can effect by using one of the above methods; keeping the heat in your home can mean a less draughty house with fewer cold areas in it, you will also leave a smaller carbon footprint and so will be doing more to protect our planet from the extensive damage we have already done to it by our over use of fossil fuels.
energy efficient windows can also greatly reduce external noise and give you more peace and quiet in your home. And they can also reduce the condensation that often builds up on your windows which can cause damp patches eventually in your home and be very unsightly.
If you use a good window supplier you should get at least 20 years from any double glazing that you have installed, and if you don`t I would want to know why?!! You can base how efficient your double glazing is by checking these 3 areas:
1. How efficient are they at keeping heat from escaping from your home
2. Does the sunlight pass through the windows clearly and easily
3. Or there any draughts escaping through any part of the window
If you have an issue with any of the above I would contact your supplier and ask them to sort out this issue.
One thing to bear in mind is that although you would think that triple glazed windows would be more efficient than double glazed windows this is not always the case as there can be more condensation issues sometimes with triple glazing and your home can get less light in if the windows are not perfectly installed.
With regard to frames for your energy efficient windows there are 4 clear choices which are uPVC frames, aluminium or steel frames, wooden frames and composite frames. Of these 4 choices the one that you may not be familiar with and not know a lot about are composite frames. These have an inner timber frame and are covered with aluminium or plastic, and these can be very effective as they are weatherproof and also do not need a great deal of maintenance.

Is Omagh A Worthwhile Place To Visit?

It is rather unfortunate that the first thing people conjure up in their mind when someone mentions Omagh in Northern Ireland is the Omagh bombing. For many it only seems like yesterday but in fact the bombing occurred back in August of 1998. On that terrible day 29 people were killed and about 220 injured by a car bomb planted by the Real IRA. There had been a telephone warning about the bomb over 30 minutes before it detonated but the location of the bomb had been misleading and led to horrendous casualties, which inadvertently led to a hastening of the peace process.
But this posting is not to dwell on this but move forward and check out what Omagh now has to offer people in the present day. There are now plenty of tourist attractions to interest the discerning visitor and it is the type of town you can stroll around at your leisure and take a browse around the shops in the town centre of which many are independent and all the better for it.
There are many National Trust properties in the Omagh area and some great spots to either walk, cycle or fish in. Davagh Forest Park is a particularly wonderful place to go cycling in as they have purpose built trails, some of which are perfect for the family and others that have been set up with the experienced biker in mind, including big rocks to clamber up. The red grade mountain biking trail is a special favourite of keen mountain bikers and people come from far and wide from across the UK to cycle this 16 kilometre route.
Another favourite of ours is the Ulster American Folk Park which gives you a detailed history of Irish emigration to the USA. They have a music festival here every year called the Appalachian and Bluegrass Music Festival which if you like bluegrass music (and what is wrong with you if you don`t!!) is a treat from start to finish. You can catch this festival in September.
There are plenty of bars and restaurants worth checking out around Omagh, Foothills and Grants restaurants being very good if you like to try out traditional Irish food.
For motoring enthusiasts you just have to check out the Abingdon Collection in Omagh which has both military and vintage automotives in abundance and is just a treasure trove of information and eye candy for the petrol heads. Not to be missed.
I will give you more information on other attractions and the nightlife in Omagh at a later date in another post but I do hope you enjoyed this information and it has maybe whetted your appetite to take a mosey on down to the town one day or one evening.
Of course we have not yet mentioned the most important factor of Omagh and that is the lovely, friendly people who make the place what it is today! Anyway, as someone else so famously said, that`s all for now folks, mind how you go.