Judge Says Allowances Should Be Made For Immigrants Who Discipline Their Children

In a concerning development a UK judge has come out with the proposterous suggestion that immigrants who beat and slap their children should be given special treatment and that their cultural context should be taken into account. There are so many issues with this suggestion that it is hard to know where to start but let`s give it a go!!

Firstly it is just wrong to beat or harm a child in any way, shape or form and this is thankfully now enshrined in our laws, so why we would suddenly want to give allowances for the cultural context of the offence I have no idea. If a person lives or visits these shores they need to be aware of and abide by our laws and if they do not they should suffer the consequences.

You can`t pick out one group for preferential treatment in this way as it opens up a whole can of worms. For instance any UK citizen who has had a particularly bad upbringing and/or they are from a poor background could argue that their particular cultural context has led to them beating their child. Where would it end?

Mrs Justice Pauffley recommended this move whilst sitting in the High Court, indicating that the police and social services should `go easy` on certain immigrant groups. In a ruling over an Indian man who it was said beat both his wife and his son she said that “proper allowance must be made for what is, almost certainly, a different cultural context”, and that the boy “did not appear to have suffered more than sadness and transient pain from what was done to him”.

Unfortunately this ruling will most certainly be seized upon by certain political groups such as the BNP and UKIP who will make great play of the special treatment being meted out to immigrants and this can cause great harm to public relations and friction in our communities.

Last but certainly not least this may give certain people carte blanche to beat and discipline their children, an action which is totally abhorrent to the vast majority of the people in the UK and which should not only be discouraged but legal action should be brought to bear against such people. Children should never be slapped or beaten and there can be no excuses whatsoever, no matter where you are from or what background you have. If you think a child is being mistreated get legal advice over whether to report or press charges over the issue.